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Re: A '77 260Z? Unh, Unh.

> Datsun only made, the 260Z in '74, although
> some were tiltled as '75's. Of course, the
> 260Z did have the L26. If your car is all
> original, then either it is not a '77 or the
> engine is not an L26, in which case it is
> most likely and early version of the L28. As
> to other engines, the L28 in the '81-'83 ZX
> non-turbo L28 (F54) block is the best engine
> that will drop straight in . The sky is the
> limit is to what modifications you can do to
> that engine.

You are making a bad assumption. Unlike us, not everybody who looks at this board is from North America. The 2.6L motor was produced for other markets until the 280ZX came out.
However, the original poster never explained what he meant by hassle. That could play a bigger factor. If he doesn't want to change from carbs to f.i. or vice versa, he may be limiting himself. Also, think of turbocharger plumbing and other things that could be necessary in a swap. Easy for some people, but I'd probably just empty my pocketbook to get somebody else to do the work for me.
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