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Engine Component Removal

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I am the proud owner of a gorgeous 1970 Cadillac coupe deville. Since the recent raise in gas prices, I began a quest for better fuel economy while satisfying my taste in older cars. Ive always liked the z cars and then, I found my second love under a tree by the river, my 1983 280zx, Daisy. This is my first fuel injected car, emissions control ridden and ugly under her hood. As the bulk of the cars I've owned and worked on have all been very limited pre 73; this is all a new game to me but I still use my intuition as a car mechanic and A&P mechanic in the making. I like my very simple Cadillacs set up, fuel and air in, exhaust out, little or nothing more than that besides a pcv feed and a few vacuum lines. Im now curious what I can and what I shouldn't remove under my z's hood, while also looking for some more performance. My Cadillac is faster than my Z... and I would like to change that. Also as I found out after joining this website today is I fell for the G-Force Chip scam. Like I said this is a whole new ball park to me so easy on the remarks please.

Any advice for a newbie Z enthusiast?
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I would download the 1983 Factory Service Manual and read the Engine Fuel and Emissions Control System (EFEC) section first thing. You can get the FSM for free here - http://www.xenons130.com/reference.html

Your goals of removing things and making the car faster are not necessarily related.

Don't forget that you will probably still need to pass emissions testing with an 83.
download the fuel injection bible (use google). while not specific to the s130 (280zx) it will give you a good idea of how nissan set up the FI system for these cars. there aren't a lot of things you can take off without knowing what they do. More horses find a turbo car and swap out the engine is the easiest. search on here and hybridz.com for mods that will give you more go with an n/a engine. when you are driving don't be afraid to run the revs up it isn't a big displacement V8 and needs to get up the rpm column to start moving along. remember tho these cars are from the 80's most any newish honda or whatever can leave them sucking exhaust. you'll hear alot about how they used to be raced etc. but if you look at horsepower to weight ratio you will see why they just aren't that fast in stock condition. don't expect great mileage. they will get somewhere in the 18-19 to maybe 24 mpg. again you will hear a lot of claims but ask to see a mileage log not just a guess about one tank going downhill all the way. new plugs, rotor cap, and wires is a good start on making it run better. new fuel filter. check fuel pressure at the ring and vacuum. two causes of poor running/mileage with these cars that should be the first thing to check. vacuum should be above 18"Hg okay. 22 excellent. quick and dirty check pull the oil filler cap while hot and idling. if she runs worse good. if she runs the same you got a vacuum leak. fuel pressure around 34-35. pic is a cheap pressure checker goes between the filter and the ring.


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The z is faster than the cad in crooked lines
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