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Electrical connections? ...won't start.

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Hi All, new to the forum. I have an electrical problem with my '94tt. Went to take her out last week and had, what appeared to be, a dead battery. Put the cables on gave it a few mins and it still wouldn't turn over. Power seemed to be there but just got the clicking sound. Played around with the cables and eventually got it to turn over. Drove her for ~20 mins and came home, i don't think the battery was getting charged cuz the revs would still rise when I turned the lights off. Turned it off and sure enough, wouldn't turn over, cables again, same clicking sound, then got lucky and turned over, but still in the same boat

At this point I've put another battery in (not brand new) from my truck and still just the clicking. I have an old clarion alarm on it, the line to the alarm seems to be important connection in the circuit for turning over, but beyond the battery and the connections there i'm not sure what else needs to be checked or where. I don't think its the starter but no doubt I could be wrong.
Any ideas appreciated. thanks
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Thanks for the link.
If the starter clicks but does not turn over, it could be a bad bendix in the starter which is responsible for moving the engagement gear out while spinning to meet up with flywheel to turn the motor over.

A battery low on voltage/amperage can also cause this clicking from being bad and not being able to hold the charge coming from the alternator, or the alternator not able to send the charge to the battery. Check and clean all the connections on your battery and alternator, and check the fluid levels in each battery cell if the battery is not a sealed unit.

Put the battery on an overnight low amperage charger to get the car started and take to an autoparts store for free alternator/starter/battery testing if it still doesn't hold a charge.
start with a good battery, if it still only clicks then check the corrosion on your battery cables. Try to peel some of the wire jacket back right by the + terminal, and see if its corroded under the jacket.
How about that starter relay switch located under the driver side panel? I hear they go bad sometimes and needs to be replaced.

However, last time I had a similar problem in my pathfinder , it ended being the starter.
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