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ECU Emergency!! Please Help

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Hey fellers!, I have a huge problem that I seriously hope one of you can help me with, because there’s absolutely no information online about it. I’m needing a close up picture of the circuit board in a ECU from a 1988 300 ZX 2+2 N/T A/T. I accidentally raked a screwdriver over the board and wiped out a very small component and now my car won’t start. Any help would be greatly appreciated !! I’m sending 3 pics along. I’m needing to know what goes right above the “ E “ where that red dot is. Thanks again.


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I don't have one of those but, according to the stencil Q705 it is probably a surface mount transistor package. The other Q### stencils on the board carry the same device (probably). The E is designating the emitter pin. It appears the markings on similar devices is "L 6" which is how you will identify a replacement. Though that wont be easy as several manufactures labeled devices with the same letters/numbers. But pay attention to the pinout on your replacement to make sure it is identical.

If you are lucky you will get someone to photo the actual Q705 device on their board.

BTW, what happened to the rest of the board? Is that the condition of its natural state? Or was it worked on?

See this link for help as a statring point: SMD Identification Catalog
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Sockeye, Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!! Thanks for link. Looks like I have some reading to do. Hopefully someone will send me a pic. That would be really nice!!
I can't help you with repair, but I found a site listing a refurb.
I'm having a really hard time enlarging those pics in a useful way... it's either too small or too big. The zoom function only appears to allow 2 zoom levels. However, I'm seeing a couple things there. There may be a surface mount transistor gone but it looks like there's a through-hole resistor gone as well. Looks like legs from a resistor there. If you can post higher-resolution pictures, I'll be happy to give my 1 cent again. 😂

Don't despair. Everything is fixable!
Following myself up here for thoroughness... the middle picture gave me a better view fully enlarged. I'll let someone else with better eyes on here confirm this, but I'm thinking someone has already had a go at that board with a soldering iron. There are lots of blobs that don't look like factory to me. Just adding this info in to help the troubleshooting.

EDIT: Ok, I'll go on record, that board has been heavily prodded at with a soldering iron. That whole area on the board looks problematic.
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