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Ebay Spoiler, how does it look like?

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I know I am risking losing this by posting it here, but I was just wanting to know if anyone has this airdam/front spoiler on their car and if they had any pics of what it looks like.
Thanks guys

Matthew Brazle
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i would wprry about cracking it cause it's fiberglass, if i were to get a front air dam it would be urithane
Hmm, that's another thing I was thinking about, I just wanted to know what it looked like.
Thanks for reminding be about that though!

Its the BRE front spook.
If you can find a picture of the ol BRE 240z its the same.
Looks like this:

It kinda protrudes out a lot, i think the same one can be found in urethane which would be better. Seems to me that the whole thing would crack if you hit a curb because of the angle.


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