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downpipe question help plz

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yes im new to this site and a new z car owner i have a 93 300zx tt 70k miles

anyways i have installed a hks cat back exhaust and straight pipes i can get one of the downpipes off and have the new one installed but i am having a huge problem getting the other down pipe off my questions is do you thank the motor will be ok running 1 new downpipe on it for a couple of weeks untill i get the time off to start playing with it again. or should i put the old downpipe back on so they are both the same.

just wondering if there is a chance of it hurting my Z in anyway.

James Green
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if you don't boost like a madman you'll be ok...

only difference will be one bank will flow more than the other O2 sensor will compensate for that and the ECU will remap itself until you fix it... then drive it some more and it will remap itself back to normal when you install the other one
oh... and welcome aboard! ;)
ok well im boosting at 15 psi do i need to turn it down for now or is that a ok level
I'd say turn her down to stock or if you got an EBC just turn it off and you'll be doing around 7 psi

at no boost the turbos still spin, but when boosting they do even faster and you don't want to upset the balance by having one putting out an extra effort to compensate for the restrictions on the other side.

think about it this way... would you run as hard if you knew you got a sandal on one foot and a running shoe on the other ??? ? treat your car as you would treat yourself and she'll be very grateful
lol thx yeah i have a ebc so ill just turn it way down till i can get the other one off next week or so. (stay out of the throttle as well) :( thats going to be the hard part lol

but hey, when you get back on her you WON'T believe the difference! :eek:

ask me how I know 8)? lol
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