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door locks

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I have 72 240Z that I have owned since 1974; it is a daily driver. The car is in beautiful shape but needs a little attention. The driver side door lock and the ignition key are very worn down. Any idea as to how to repair? Where can I buy locks so all keys match? Also the clock stop working about a month ago. It was slowing down about a minute a day for the last year. can it be repair?
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you can get a complete lock set, keyed alike, from motorsport auto. they also will rebuild your clock, or sell you a rebuilt one on core exchange basis. im not sure of the prices on either, both were too expensive to bo worth it to me right now, with keys that DO work.. and a clock on my radio.. good enough for now i guess.

No offense, daeron, but i don't think that is the solution, and I believe I know where this gentlemanis coming from. I went throught the same thing myself.

You may be able to get complete lock sets from MSA, I am not sure. Last I heard this was a stock item that is now NLA (no longer Available) from Nissan. In other words, if this is what you need you are screwed.

What I did is have my ignition assembly rebuilt by ZBarn. I also included a couple of OEM (Nissan) door locks and the locksmith that did the work rekeyed according to the key code provided. I can explain more ahbotu key codesif you wish, but you r car has a unique key code from which any Nissan dealer can cut a new key.

What you need to do over the winter is contact Roger at ZBarn and explain you rsituation. you send him your ignition assembly and maybe get some new door locks form Nissan. He will return a perfectly rekeyed set ina few weeks. He did an excellent job for me.

As to gettingit from MSA, maybe you can. Roger is cheaper. He only charges 75$ for the ignition assembly alone.
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John, thank you for your useful information. I'll try to get the website for ZBarn ans contact Roger.
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