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Does this look tacky?

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I painted my valve cover, its red wrinkle paint just like real ferrari's. It doesn't appear that bright in real life, but none the less does it look tacky? I dont wanna be a ricer, lol :). whats your thoughts?

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Hello Scott

It’s cool that you asked others advice.
I just put things on or do it and change it back real fast.
What I would do is get the same color red on the exterior
and hold a piece of cardboard to shield the outer paint, this to match the inside of the hood. I think I see a bit of surface rust on the inside hood, get some brillo and remove it, let dry and prime and hit it with red. Remember Hand spray red under things is 100% better than nothing.
Next I would straighten up those spark plug wires so they are in lines like un cooked spaghetti…non perfect wires pulls the eye from the car and onto the tangled looking wires. I know I may sound a bit prissy about cosmetics of a car but this is my specialty.
I would hit the vent area under the wipers as this needs protection as well.
You guys take em apart and put em back together.
I am clueless about doing that but I’m learning.
But I sure can make a car look pretty.
Maybe spray the spot were the hood sits also.

I see some bad @ss hood locks tell us about this cool add on.

Hollywood, FL
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