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Does a 280z Headlight fender extension fit a 280ZX

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Im wanting to switch my headlight extension from my 280ZX with some from a 240Z 260Z or a 280Z
I just like how the older headlight covers are somewhat square compared to the ones from the 280ZX
Thses are the headlight fenders from a 280ZX

These are the ones from a 280Z
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Anything can be done with the right amount of cash. As far as direct bolt on I doubt the lines will match up and you might have some gaps. Best thing to do is hit up a JY and try them out. Worse case they dont fit and you resell them.
I was actually going to do that but i was wondering if anyone new thanks. What do you guys think of using these on the ZX. Im aiming to have my ZX's front end to look like a 280Z
you are approaching the idea backwards. reshape the zx sugarscoops. Sandpaper ,resin and hardener, a little fiberglass mat. get an extra set, beat up cheap set and go to town. that way you dont screw up the winning look of stock if it turns out to be frankensteins monster.
Look at the hood. The Z hood was cut high with a grill even with the head lights. The ZX hood swooped low with the grill below the headlights. It's that ugly ass black bumper that gets in your crawl. The Z had ugly bumpers too but as your picture shows, someone redesigned it.
Ohh i see. I guess i overlooked that the Z had a smaller hood. Is the hood just shorter or were there other modifications. Can a Z hood fit a 280ZX
Quick answer is no to both ?'s. You could make them fit, you will have to work the fenders not only at the head light buckets but all along the gap between the hood and fenders. You will have to modify the hood a lot. Without adding metal I doubt it would ever look right. By the time you got all that done and payed for you could buy a 280 and keep your zx as is.

I'm not a professional but I have 16yrs of body work behind me. Personally I wouldn't take the job!
Well now im thinking of actually cutting the hood and the headlight buckets. I will be doing the work myself btw
alrighty. We have a designer with an idea greater than mr katayama. where is the applause button?
heroe said:
alrighty. We have a designer with an idea greater than mr katayama. where is the applause button?
Great another troll just what the internet needs. Thanks for your amazing and helpful contributions to the topic.

Im getting some headlight buckets from an earlier Z and see how it works out
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