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Distributor confusion solved

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Hey, just got the dizzy problem solved. There ARE differences. I went to Autozone, and checked a 79-83 one just to be safe, and a 77 and 78 one. They were all completely different. Went to Pepboys and asked them for a 77 dizzy cap, they brought the exact cap which was on my car out. Borg Warner, everything the same. Notice in the picture, same sized plastic all around, same size posts and coil contact. Everything is wide. On the two point dizzy cap, or the one from autozone, everything is really narrow. Obviously it DOES make a difference. Whether or not Nissan sells these two different caps makes little difference in the manner, because I was obviously looking for aftermarket.

Click Here for Cap pictures
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I'm missing something here. Your photos looks like It's showing identical caps, I see no differences between the two, unless the bayonet that engages the cap is a different size.

The previous discussion you had centered around 77 and 78 caps.

And one running terribly... but I'm confused as to if you swapped a 77 dizzy with a 78 control module...
I mean, the caps swap interchangably.

But those dual and single pickup dizzys are something that should be snagged with the control module. The reason I picked up my FairladyZ for $300 was because it didint' run. The guy used a 78 dizzy on a Fairlady Z module. (Six wire, not four wire) I went out, foung a compatible module and dizzy in the JY, slapped it in and was screaming down the street in fifteen minutes!

Steve has a point about OEM parts, or at least OEM Manufacturer. I have found aftermarket ignition components from mass merchandisers are generally far sub par to factory parts.

But I tend to source OEM manufacturer rather than Nissan boxed parts. If mitsubishi makes the components, I'll buy Mitsu parts from wherever I can get them, usually at a far cheaper price than Nissan. Case in point, Nissan wants like $44 for an 81 Turbo Cap. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The cap from MSA is made by the same OEM, and is like $24 (or some ridiculous dividend of the Nissan price---it was a year ago!)
Same for the rotor. Nissan wanted $36, and MSA was like $4...

But some stuff, you just can't substitute and have it last for any legnth of time.
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Yeah that pic is of two identical caps. The one on the right being the original, and the one on the left being the borg warner I just got from Pep Boys for 16$ cap and rotor. Runs great now.


Dizzy cap and rotor for ALL 260-280's is the same part number.

Yep, you saved $12 buying a cheap replacement that caused you several trips to different stores and lots of headaches trying to figure out which cheapo cap and rotor will work. I bet you burned that much in gas driving around trying to get something that -would- work? How many HOURS did you spend saving $12? Not worth it but maybe it is for you? Given the dealer one will last 2X as long, you'll end up spending more money the way you did this.

If one of those you bought won't work on a dual pickup dizzy, it's not going to work on a single one either as the only difference between them is the extra pickup for cold running emmisions on certain models.

And T, the dealer is getting $26 bucks for that cap, $12 for a NA one. Just an FYI kinda thing.


People always ASSUME the dealer prices are absurd without checking first.
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Steve you're not getting it. The two caps are completely different. Maybe Nissan has them listed as the same, but I am calling it like I see it. I have a single pickup, and a dual pickup in my hand. Both with the stock caps. They are completely different. The car runs well with one, bad with the other. Even when switching the dizzies, they work well with their respective caps. I got a borg warner cap and rotor which make my car run well. I know borg warner is a good product, and I'm not going to make a fit that it's not Nissan. The parts stores are about 2 minutes from my house, so no, I didn't waste that much gas. I never said I wouldn't pay dealer price. I just don't see why I should order a part from Nissan, wait for shipping, then hope it's the right one. Going to the parts store, I can have the parts in my hand, compare and decide what I need.

We all have our different opinions on things like this, and I respect yours. I just don't agree with it. I'll stick with my 16$ cap and rotor, and enjoy my well-working Z.

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The two -aftermarket- caps are different, nissan never made different caps and I don't agree borg warner makes good parts. The "stock caps" from nissan have always been the same for any 74-78 car. This is just another case of why aftermarket parts cause problems that shouldn't even exist.

"I got a borg warner cap and rotor which make my car run well."

But they first sold you some weird cap that didn't. An OE cap works on anything from a 74-78 without a problem. Sounds like (if you really did all of this) you've swaped several caps back and forth, installed another dizzy and swaped caps around on it testing all this stuff? Sounds like a huge waste of time to save $12. YMMV
Yeah, I gotta Agree...

by using the OEM (not Nissan boxed, but same contracted maker of the part FOR Nissan) I only stock ONE cap for everything from 70 to 78.
Another for 79 through 83N/A, and another for the Turbo 81-83.

What DOES vary is the ROTOR. I have seen SEVERAL DIFFERENT CONFIGURATION of aftermarket rotors. One brand will not work with another one. This may be your problem, long air gap, poor center contact, etc etc etc....

I carry 6 parts in my trailer when the club goes on trips, and have never had a problem replacing the things.

I also carry a 79ZX dizzy for a "universal replacement" if something terrible should happen to someone while on the road. With a wire, and the duzzy support, that will work on everything from 70 to 81 and get the car to run to the next service station. The only one that will screw you is an 82/83 Turbo, and now that I have a spare CAS for one of those, my "rescue kit" is complete! 8 parts to cover 100% of the Z's from 70 to 83...

All kept in a box, on a trailer, behind my 75 Fairlady Z 2+2....
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Re:alternative cap

Napa offers brass contact caps. Just ask for the premuim when your at the counter.

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