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Direction sensor

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Where I can buy compass direction sensor for my 1984 300ZX TURBO?
Well,I think it's the sensor because compass shows one direction and not moving at all...
Any suggestions how to fix it will be appreciated.
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go take a look at az zbum site. I think he has a write up on it over there. Why not scrap the compass and put in something useful like a boost gage.?
Could be the Direction Sensor, or the Direction Sensor Amplifier, or the display unit. Z specialist wreckers may have the parts.
Download the FSM for diagnostic procedures.
I had this exact same problem with my 84' and found 2 "Bulletins" about it in "Nissan's 1984 Technical Bulletin Book" (I know, Because I own the 1983 and 1984 books). Bulletin #TS84-008 states that the compass sensor located at center of roof, between T-tops, is "extremely sensitive" and placing a strong magnet (CB radio base, numbered service hat and now a days, a pizza delivery sign) will damage it. Bulletin #TS84-130A states that if troubleshooting on page EL-60 of 1984 Factory Service Manual" does not fix problem, then roof must be demagnetized, as sensor is reading magnetized steel, instead of magnetic "North". Here is how TS84-130A says to fix it.
1. Get a demagnetizer designed for Open Reel Tape decks (I know this is a tough one now a days and I used my old cassette deck demagnetizer).
2. Place Thin cloth on roof, to prevent scratches (I used a bed sheet), place demagnetizer in center of roof (removing a T-tops helps), then turn it on.
3. Move demagnetizer in a counter-clockwise circle", increasing each circle by 4 to 6".
4. When a circle is complete out to front and back edges of T-tops, move demagentizer "away" from car, before shutting it off.
I know this sounds like I am nuts, but it worked for me and Nissan covered it under Warranty.
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Wait a second guys, there is no need to jump to conclusions. There may not be anything wrong with the one he has. He said it points in one direction only, right? Seems like we need to know where the car is. If it is parked at either the magnetic north or south poles, that would explain everything. All he would need to to is move the car!
Could it just be that it needs to be re-calibrated?
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