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Digital dash

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I recently purchased a 1983 280ZX with a digital dash, the guages all work perfectly, but i prefer the analog guages. I bought traditional analog guages on ebay, and was wondering if i would need special hardware, or adapters to make them work in my car? can anyone help me? thanks, Barry
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Need the wiring harness from the Passenger side Kick panel Up to The guages. Everthing else Should be the same.

Dude, sell me your digi dash.
You need:
analog instrument cluster w/130mph speedo
analog wiring harness
analog temperature sending unit
analog fuel sending unit

You will need a replacement auto-defrost switch to work with the new analog wire harness.

While you have the dash out, you could take this opportunity to get rid of the auto air and switch to a more reliable manual ac unit. Swap out the front speakers while you are in there too.

Easiest place to get the parts you need is zbarn.com. Tell Roger what you are tyring to do and he'll get you exactly what you need.
You also need to change water temp sensor..Otherwise you won't get the correct coolent temp on your gauge. I know...I have done it twice so far...
Good luck
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