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Re: How to fix Clock for a 240Z???

Don't get that digital. Here's how to fix the current one. Take it out of the car. Take it apart and gently with a Q-tip clean around all of the spindles. Careful not to leave and fuzz. Then, get a tooth pick, dip it in some three-in-one oil and apply the oil to the spindles. Next, hook the clock up to a battery and watch it run. I've never seen a bad clock motor, they just get dust in there that stop them. You should see a little plastic plug in the back of the clock housing this is the second adjustment. BE SURE to NEVER touch the little screw that adjusts the seconds. If you do, you'll have to spend a few days with the clock running in your house, making small adjustments until it's right again. Any problems you run into post another message and I will help.

> Get a QUARTZ clock from a 280z at a
> junkyard. I got one for my 260 and its is
> soooooo accurate, I'm almost never late to
> work!

> They fit the 240 and 260.
> The original mechanical Jecoo clock in the
> 240 and 260 gum up over the years....and
> they aren't very accurate. You could try
> having it overhauled at a local clock
> shop--I had it done for like fifteen bucks--
> it worked but ran incredibly fast(probably
> the spindles wearing out and losing
> tolerances--that's why swiss watches have
> hard jewel movements).

> The 280z clock face has a different font--so
> if you want to match the old one--you have
> to carefully disassemble it and transplant
> the old face onto the new clock. The rebuilt
> Motorsport jobs are operated by an external
> battery---cheeesy! And cost eighty bucks. I
> got mine from the junkyard for like fifteen
> dollars.
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