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DGV5A with Cannon adaptors

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Has anyone ran into this set-up? If so, how did they perform & what settings are you at?
This one I have has gas sitting in the bottom of the adaptor and she won't start.

Any Ideas? Stock 240
E31 heads
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yeah i run dgvs. gas in the bottom of the adaptor probably means your float level is set wrong, or the little spring loaded ball bearing set in the end of the needle has stuck in, or the needle doesn't seat and seal right, so you need to replace the needle and seat.It may also mean you are using too much fuel pressure.
have to look to be sure, but as I remember, my idle jets are 45, my mains are 125 and my air correctors are 165.
In cool weather...anything below about 55, you need to run manifold heat through the adaptors or you will have fuel puddling problems in the bottom of that U. Just get some rubber tubing and t hot water off from the stock manifold heat line through the adaptors and then t is back into the stock line at the rear.
I found some casting bumps inside the adaptors as big as peas, and fuel puddling problems were reduced by smoothing them out. No doubt it helped flow, too.
As for performance, they are finicky to tune but when you get it right you should see slight improvement in power and economy over the stock SU's. They also stay in tune and balanced in flow better than SU's.
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