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Decal question

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I seen three of these decal designs on the ZXs that I found but I don't know who makes/made them besides this one I know of 2 one was black with yellow and the other was red and with black. Both at the junkyard when I was on my brake pin hunt. Is it a factory style or is it aftermarket?

All I can find is door pannel, JDM and walmart.

As an example this one here


Its simple and to the point, anyone here got a similar style its not like the black gold edition but similar.
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That's paint. Black gold, cowboy colors, then there was cranberry and silver hood, copper and brown hood, and silver and gray hood.
The two tone paint is well... paint. The pin-striping between the two colors is usually a vinyl sticker. You can get that at any car paint place.
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