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De gallery brummen

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Along the main road between Arnhem and Zutphen you will find The Gallery Brummen, a unique concept of classic and sportscars and lifestyle. Under one roof you will find not only three floors with fabulous classics and oldtimers.


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Thanks for the info: so many cars so little money so I rollover and dream again.
Nice looking Cars.
You always have great posts to read BGM, thank you for showing us this.
Thank you and its good to hear from you Kyle.
You always seem to have a positive contribution.

Look at this guy he just won a Datsun in a Frisbee contest in 1974.
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Wow is that some luck! (or maybe skill?)

To win a Z car from a Frisbee contest!
To win z car you must play video games or be a drunk.

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I took a Datsun for a test drive in '72 and planted a tree. Does that count ?
george - you gots some splannin to do!
At least with video games you can get a ZXR Pace car. You get drunk and you just get a plain Jain N/A that is in Dark Green. But then beating a frisbee contest and getting a B210 isn't much of a win. I can see it now..

So how did you get THAT!?

I won it in a frisbee contest.....

My god, ya coulda gotten drunk and played video games and got a ZX or ZXR!
jacket... you sir, are a post *****. I demand you edit this blasphemy!

B210s are pro; GTFO!
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