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Database of Z mechanics?

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This might have been asked before.. But here it goes.. I believe that good could come from putting together a list of Z friendly mechanics.. That being said I'm asking if anyone knows of any in the central Jersey or Philadelphia area.. My family's mechanic, I'm almost completely convinced (or crazy), takes me for a push over and is intentionally trying to sabotage my Z... Intentionally or Not is to be debated, but I'm tired of my Z not quite running the same way after each time i go..
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Join your local Z car club and participate. Ask around at meetings. People will tell you where they take their babies for the best care.
Been there and so forth.

Z club is the way to go. Do not trust mechanics who can only replace parts - knowing what and when to replace is the trick.

The newer cars - you need an electrical engineer. I found one by asking advice of Zclub members.

It makes a big difference and saves money in the long run.
what's a newer car? like your definition that would require an electrical engineers.. Cause being at school I've ended up making friends with quite a few of them for some reason...
There are mechanics and there are Nissan master mechanics trained by the factory. Mo$t ma$ter$ work at the dealer$, $o be prepared to $**** out $ome big buck$ for a job done right the fir$t time. I know I'll get some flack, but you deserve a choice.
"Hmm, I already worked at the dealer...do I need to go back now?" He-he! Norm K.
Newer car = any car that you have to plug into a computer and it still malfunctions - or older car that has all the pollution stuff and bells and whistles and is too old to talk to the new computers.

The point is finding a mechanic that can properly diagnos the problem and get it right the first time saving you time, money and aggriivation.
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