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Dash cracking prevention

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I know UV protection is the way to prevent cracking (garage, cover, sunshield, ...). My '79 280zx has a single small crack right in the middle. I actually bought a Covercraft soft cover to install. Before I install it, I was hoping to give it a good conditioning and rejuvenate it if at all possible. Google and site searches aren't turning up anything concrete.
What do you guys use to keep it conditioned and prevent cracking?
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cover keep a white towel on top and try to not let the sun hit it, like an outside cover. Not much else. I eventually got a vintage dashes for my 75, looks great, car is mostly garaged, if I do leave it out I generally will try to leave somewhere safe and keep the windows cracked open to let the heat out, this is on top of a white towel. While driving I have a white towel covered with a black towel to keep the glare down.
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