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custom FI rail

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i have noticed in some of the pics online that some of he Z's have a custom FI rail. is it an aftermarket product? cost? does it work better? looks cleaner!

77 280Z
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yeah, pallnet is the way to go with the custom fuel rails. hes the only guy that makes them NICE on here!

really sweet looking and purdy....
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thx for the pictures. what did it set you back? i have sent him an e-mail requesting info. hard to install?
i dont know if he wants me to tell you how much it costs, but its around $150. took about 10 minutes to set up. make sure you have jb weld.
wow i expected more. thx for the info!
JB weld?
i did not read hte last part. what is the JB weld for? fittings?
I was almost afraid to ask what he used it for but curiosity got the best of me. It has no place around a fuel rail....
ohh really? then why dont you ask pallnet what he recommends to install all of the fittings, cause last time i checked he said jb weld...plut the last time i checked, my bottle says safe for any fittings, including fuel, oil, blah blah blah...

so you want to tell the person who makes those rails that he is assembling them wrong?
pallnet doesnt assemble the rail, you do becuase every manifold is diffferent...he machines the rail, cuts the holes, and gives you all the parts and bolts, and SAYS TO USE JBWELD to put the part on the rail! also comes with the guage. its GREAT quality.
bubbleguinea I Know you are young and not very smart but you do not need to get so hostile. He was just asking what the ****. JB Weld is not the best stuff to put on fuel fittings. There are much better things on the market, trust me I work in a parts house.

So chill out so that everyone doesn't flip out on you.
sorry did not mean to get anyone riled up. i did e-mail the company and this is thier response (fast huh!)

Yes, just fine, Once the weld is fully cured it will not e affected by the

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comments: i was told that i can use JB weld to secure line fittings to a
fuel injection rail on a gas car engine. sond ok?

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It's just odd (as in unusual) since I have never heard of someone recommending it for machined fittings.

I would guess that if a fitting ever needed changing that you would be SOL (as in you will need to buy a whole new rail)?

good question. i assume once it is on it is on. i wonder if there is an alternative. either the way the rail looks sharp!
is the intake powder coated? looks nice. the orange fittings - from the local parts place?
Yea, I hope he did NOT use it when installing the gauge. If the gauge ever fails or you decide to replace it, the darn thing would be so fused into the brass/aluminum that it'd strip out for sure.

Sure it works with fuel, all too well.


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I have test many different sealents on the fittings. Teflon is questionable sometimes and with fuel you can't have something that is questionable. There are a few epoxies that I found to work great with sealing fittings in the rails. Believe it or not JB weld works wonderful as a sealent for the fittings and it's not hard to find. This is key since alot of ppl don't have access to some of the odd epoxies I have test on my assemblies. I test everything over and over again. I have been running JB weld on my personal rail for roughly one year before I started to recomend useing it and been running it roughly a year after that. I just pulled that rail off my car to make way for an O-ring setup to run alot bigger injectors.

JB weld has a name known for "Jimmy rigging" But trust me fellas. It works perfect in this case.
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Actually, JB Weld works great on threaded fittings. I've used it for years on certain applications where I knew it was going to be permanent. I used it on my custom PCV system on the Swagelock fittings where they screw into the intake runners.

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you can buy the rail through some boating site. Then drill and tap all the holes yourself. I think the rail only costs about 7 bucks per foot. I used to have the link but i lost it. Its the same rail pallnet uses too.
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