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crankcase evacuation

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Hello Everyone

The way I see it, there are four ways to evacuate crankcase gases.

1) intake manifold vacuum through a PCV valve.
2) exhaust collector venturi through PCV valve.
3) vacuum pump to exhaust or atmosphere.
4) vented to atmosphere.

I presently use the least favorable method of venting to atmosphere. My Cannon triple intake manifold does not have any PCV plumbing.

I have questions. Has anyone modified a stock 240Z smog pump the act as a vacuum source, (pump), for the crankcase? If so, have you measured the vacuum under operation? How does it's vacuum compare to the intake/exhaust options mentioned above?

Thanks, Tim Whitney
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Air comes in via the rocker cover (filtered air) and then from your block into the PCV under the intake manifold.

Its best to keep the PCV valve system if possable.

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