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Cowl Rust

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I did a search on cowl. I'm trying to see what works for most people to clean the inside or underneath the cowl to seal it once and for all. If that's possible. One person stated that POR 15 won't seal it forever.
I have already purchased a quart so I have plenty so that's what I was going to use.
Is this the way to go?
It's just surface rust and dirt.
I want to clean it and seal it. Since it's not a common place to take the time to really clean the way it should be I thought if I sealed it so it could be flushed with water heavily that would be best.
Since they really didn't paint it the way it should be I thought I'd give it my best shot.
What do most people do to get underneath and in the nooks and crannies to seal it.
Gloves with a rag soaked rag with POR 15?
This car is a keeper so I want it to last a long long time.
Thanks in advance
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1. Pressure washer.
2. POR-15 complete process, follow to the letter.
3. Finish up with Liquid truck Bed Liner, brushed on. Make sure the drain holes remain open.
The cowl is under the windshield blades. Take them, the windshield wiper blades, off. Remove the cowl finisher and see how much leaves, dirt,and what ever else you have in there and clean it out. Check for rust and repair.

I'll prolly do exactly what jazzbug8 suggested.
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