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cowl induction Q's/ideas

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after reading all the postings in the archives about cowl induction i am thinking i might rig something up this winter but am not sure quite what i want to do i have a few questions.
1. Some one mentioned that forced air and SU's dont mix. can anyone say for sure one way or the other, will it mess up my carbs or just require a "tune up" to get correct mixtures??
2. is there anything to be gained from using as much of the cowl area as possible and funneling it into a single feed to the carbs as oposed to just cutting a hole and routing it to the carbs.
3. would i gain from blocking off part of the cowl?? like using a solid piece with a few holes cut in the top instead of the stock part with lots of holes.
4. would a scoop or something increase the effect or is the stock cowl shape good??
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Re: How To setup on 280zx (TONY D)

http://www.ramairbox.com/ makes ramair boxes for V8 Like I have said before if enough of you ask about a setup for a Z both carbed and FI maybe this guy can make some up, don't know if he will but it would not hurt to ask, Right! Check out the old Chevy truck it has the box going to the cowl area. It would seem like you would want to offset to the left side and have the air pan backwards so it would be easy to hook up the hose for carbs... for the FI guys maybe he can make a 180 bend in a hard part and then add a flex hose to connect...

I want a cowl hood to vent more air out I'm not worried about a ramair box because he makes them for the V8 already and I'll run a hose to both air ducts in the fron air dam...

Z U V8ter
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