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Couple of questions..

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So this is hard to explain. It's worse when its cold, I start my car and let the clutch out, if the parking brake wasn't locked it would move on it's own. Basically, it's in neutral but engages just enough to move the car. I am very confused because its not in any gear. Throw out bearing?

Also, is there a way to tell what state your car is from by the VIN?

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Could be the thick tranny oil is just cold and allowing enough drag on the bearings to turn the gears.
VIN number is assigned by the car manufacturer, not any state. Unless you do a Carfax and it's accurate about title transfers.
I thought about that, cant afford carfax, would love to though
try searching you Vin Here.. might give you an idea where it's been...
Use 20W50 synthetic instead of heavy gear oil and that problem will go away. No, its not your clutch release bearing.
Thanks for the replies, I used that site. And i do have California emissions. Which is a little depressing. But that means my egr function code is probably just the temp sensor. Thank you for the link.
I had thought about that as well but The car drives beautifully, shifts smooth and has the perfect grab point. I think bud might be right on the fluid.
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