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Coolant drip from the transfer case? wtf ?

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So, here is my story. Quick and short, lol.

1. I did a plenum pull during winter, didnt drive the car after the work got completed as I dont drive the Z at all during snow season. After the pull, I ran the car several times during winter for about 1/2 hour or so, didnt see a single drip / drop of coolant anywhere.

2. Being a warm day and all today, I decided to take the Z for a quick spin around the block as I wanted to feel Z powa!. I warmed the car to operating temperature 15, minutes or so, then slowly drove her out of the driveway. I drove the Z for about 5 minutes , a few quick burt or so, hear the turbo spools up!.

3. Parked the Z back home, and as I always do, looked underneath the Z. Saw a pretty good drips of coolant coming down from the transfer case? ( manual Z ). yes, its coolant as its green colour. I was shocked as I didnt see any coolant drips at all during winter warm up sessions or after the plenum pull got completed. What I found odd is that the coolant drips were not HOT nor warm, cold I guess. just to make sure, I moved the car back a few feet and felt the drip again , it was cold as well.

Any ideas guys? I looked the best I could around the engine, back of engine and didnt see any coolant dripping from the top. I assume that if the drip was coming from the top, it would steam as it would hit hot metal parts before reaching the bottom of the engine ( transfer case ).

thanks everyone
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Sounds like either the turbo cooling lines in the rear of the engine or the heater core hoses. If it was cool, I'd go for the Heater core lines first.
Thanks fort hrepl everyone,

Now this is getting weird!

Please keep in mind the Z is parked at the moment with no plate ( insurance ) until late spring, so the best I can do is a short run around the block or start it up.

Today, I grabbed a flash light and started the car right up. Let it idle for about 20 min, so its a full operating temperature. I looked underneath the car with the flash light, not a single drop. I looked from the top of the passenger side and driver side as well, no leaks I could find!

I turned the heater on, full blast, left the car run as well.. no leaks.

Next, I will take the Z on a short run around the block again and see if there are any leaks. All I can think of and hope so, that the leak I saw was the remant of the coolant which pooled when I did the plenum pull a month ago. I didnt drive the Z after I did the work.
well did it continue to leak?

Sounds like one of the various coolant lines behind the engine, be it a TB coolant line, heater hose or turbo coolant if applicable has sprung a leak. Nothing else back there can leak coolant, barring the seal where the metal heater pipes come from the tubes between the heads, but thats not really a normal spot to have leak.
Hi there,

thanks for the reply.

I think I got good news. I took the Z for a few hard runs and there was no leak at all!. I even had the heater on to make sure coolant was flowing through as many hoses as possible, no leaks.

However, I ran into a separate issue :*(.

I added water wetter into my rad. Since then, I noticed some tiny little gray bubbles ( like oil in my radiator ) It happeend right after I added the water wetter. I did some research and apparently there many people with similar problems. I am going to be doing a coolant flush and hope the issue is/was water wetter and not a blown HG :(

I checked my exhaust to see if I am blowing white fumes, nope, all looked good. I even revved it a bit high, no white smoke from the tail pipes. I also checked the oil dipstick and it looked well as well.
It could be rust or dirt too. You can buy a gas testing kit if your REALLY paranoid.
Transfer Case? You got a 4wd Z.

Sorry couldn't help myself. Where exactly from the transmission is the coolant coming from. The sqaure hole between the bell housing and the engine. Is it running down the side and dripping at that point or is it coming from the inside.
I was going to bag on the use of Transfer case as well...... but I thought.... naaaa someone else will get him!

Could be trapped coolant from the original pull.....

My Vette has the same problem.. I thought I blew a head gasket!!! Do you have any info about the wetter causing gray sludge in the raid!

I thought I was leaking oil into the coolant!

FWIW this article talks about the siloxanes in water wetter and doesn't recommend it.
Thanks for the imput guys.

The leak I saw was dripping from the bottom of the tranny bell housing? Not from the inside but I assume coming from the top of the engine. Its not leaking anymore! Yay!

ya, sorry about the transfer case, lol. its not 4wd, not that I know of, lol.

I am gonna flush the water wetter though, I am somewhat paranoid seeing little grey bubbles coming up with an oily feel to it. :(
Hmmmmm maybe I don't need a rebuild..... WOW.... this is great news.... the car has been sitting for a LONG while.. No coolant leaking in the engine, fires up everytime.... I thought SOMEHOW.. the oil was getting into the coolant only ( which was a bit of a head scratcher ) ... and NOW It could be that water wetter JUNK... and I'll bet it's not oil... but rubber getting changed.... and acting like the signs of a blown head!

Stop. My head is turbo-spinning.
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