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I will be going to the National Z-Car Convention in Tulsa late, driving up Tuesday night, June 15th, to be there Wednesday through Friday. At this time only myself in my '78 280Z and my Dad in his Chevy pickup, along with my two sons, are driving up on Tuesday. Anyone wanting to join us for the drive are welcome! We will be leaving from Cedar Hill, Texas (SW Dallas County) around 4pm on the 15th.

Now the fun part:

Recently I have been on a real nostalgia kick, and have developed a serious interest in anything related to auto enthusiasts and Americana: oil and gas collectibles, vintage gas pumps, gas stations, diners, Route 66... Hey guess what?! The original Route 66 runs right through Tulsa to Oklahoma City! I've been reading tons of material on the "Mother Road" and have made plans to make the return run on Saturday the 19th from Tulsa to Oklahoma City on Route 66 - Tulsa, Red Fork, Sapulpa, Kellyville, Bristow, Depew, Stroud, Davenport, Chandler, Wellston, Arcadia, Edmond, then OKC. I've got a great booklet called "Route 66 Traveler's Guide and Roadside Companion" that includes original maps from the 1933 edition of "National Old Trails Road and U.S. Highway 66", with present-day interstates overlaid. I will be compiling a complete list of points of interest along with way to checkout. The Route 66 leg is only about 100 miles in length, then we will leave the Mother Road in Oklahoma City to join I-35 south to Dallas.

This will just be a test run for the much BIGGER run down Route 66 next year, when I will be putting together a trip from The Texas-Oklahoma border town of Texola headed west to Kingman, Arizona where we will peal off to Las Vegas. This will take us through Texas (Texola, Shamrock, Amarillo, Vega), New Mexico (Tucumcari, Albuquerque, Gallup), and Arizona (Winslow, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Williams, Kingman). What a trip!! It could only be better in a '62 Red Corvette, or '66 Shelby Cobra - but I can dream, can't I?

If anyone has an interest in joining us, either there or back, please let me know and I can share the details. Please e-mail me at [email protected], as I don't monitor this forum on a regular basis.

I'll have more information on the Tulsa-OKC Route 66 run at the May Z Club of Texas meeting.

See ya-
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