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Engine includes:

Border 850cc Injector Kit $1,200
Pauter Rods $1,200
Ross 89mm Racing Pistons $750
JUN 272 Cams $1,700
JUN Valve Retainers $600
JUN Valve Springs $320
JUN Adj Sprockets $600
JUN Bronze Valve Guide $320
ARP Bolt kit for Heads & Mains $250
Nissan Lifters $320
Nissan Oil Pump $230
Nissan Water Pump $110
Nissan Thermostat $15
Tomei Timing Belt $200
Nissan Tensioner $140
Extrude Hone Upper Plenum $350
Ported & Polished Upper Plenum $250
Ported & Polished Lower Plenum $250
Ported & Polished Racing Heads $1,900
Fully Polished Girdle $600
Fully Polished Piston Dooms $100
Fully Polished Water jackets and water pump area $250
(2) TSP (GARRETT) GT28RS turbos $2,000
Fully Polished Upper Plenum $230
Fully Polished Water pipes $80
Fully Polished
Throttle Bodies $100
3mm Overbored Throttle Bodies $250
Maching and blueprinting of Short Block $1,100
Maching and 3angle valve on heads $1,100
Powder Coated Valve Covers $120
Nissan Engine Gasket Kit $300
Greddy Metal head gaskets $600

Rolling Chassis includes:

Wings West “W” Urethane Body Kit $800
Brand New “Viper Silver” Paint Job $2,300
Stillen Front A-Arms $320
Stillen Rear Chamber Adjusters $300
Stillen HICAS eliminator $250
Stillen Sway Bar Kit $230
Energy Suspension Master Bushing kit $200
94+ Style Rear Wing $250
Brand New NISSAN weather strips and moldings $1,300
30' of Steel braided fuel line $100
Greddy 3row FMIC $1,600
(2) Autometer White face Rich/lean gauges $80
(2) Greddy EGT white face gauges $320
Greddy White face boost gauge $200
HOWE Radiator $320
Stillen Oil Cooler $250
F & R Crossdrilled/Slotted Brake Kit
Brand New Nissan Shocks (all four) $230
Intrax 1.5" drop springs $230
Stillen Ducted Panel $150
99 J-Spec Taillights $400
Border Vented Fenders $1,200


(2) HRE 448R 18” x 8.5” Front
(2) HRE 448R 18” x 10.5” Rear

The car has been listed on the TT.net classifieds for awhile now.. Its Antonio's car from www.tsperformance.net.

What do you guys think should I got through with it or buy a 2003 350z?

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Posted too soon in your other post. I thought it was this car. Personally I'd like to have the car, and if you want to put everything back together, then go for it. It would be a beast if everything worked right.

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I have done the TT swap into my 2+2 so I know the Z's pretty well... the car needs

TT 5 speed Tranny
clutch/ flywheel ( happen to have a rps combo that will work for this car)
5 bolt downpipes
cat back exhaust
New efi harness

How much do you think it worth?

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I would run away screaming. Pre-modified cars will have their own quirks and problems that you will discover only through pain. If you like the 350z, go with it. And it has modern airbags in it, so you'll be safer (a big factor for me, maybe not for others). The downside is that the Z33 is fairly limited in what you can do to it (for a reasonable budget, $12K turbo kits don't count).

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basically If i buy the Z33 I'll be broke.. it will have to stay stock so the modifications would be maybe and exhaust system.
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