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cold start 240

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I purchased my 240z last spring and have been delighted with its reliability, until the cooler weather set in. Now it seems to take longer and longer to start when cold (4-6) tries with patience in between-I don't rush her, but I am becoming concerned. Once she is warmed up she starts right back up. What should I be considering as a cause/solution, so my mechanic doesn't take me to the cleaners?
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This won't help you but I want to tell you that when I worked at a Datsun Dealer in 73, all the original Z's started instantly, all year around. Norm K.
you should be considering that the car is 30 years old.
also consider yourself lucky, as it takes my car 3-4 minutes of cranking for it to start in the cold.

All my early Z's with SU carbs were harder to start in cold weather. I made sure that the choke was engaged as much as possible and the linkage was adjusted so the throttle plate openned just enough so the engine would run ok at idle when it was choked. Keep it rich at start-up. On a '72 I actually ran a different cable for the throttle (disconnected the throttle linkage from the choke linkage) so at start-up I could keep it extra rich. It was the only vehicle I owned and needed to use it in Minnesota winters. At best it only worked down to -10 to -15 F. No matter what it will still crank a long time before it starts. I hope this helps. There is probably nothing drastically wrong with the engine.
no V8 , it has the original engine!
My '71 starts fine, just cranks longer, especially in winter. I have the stock roundtops, BTW...Try adjusting your 'enrichment circuit' cable. (Did I get that right, TonyD?) That is "choke" for us old carb guys......-----Bob
So I have a similar issue here in Sacramento (highs for day about low 60's) anyways, at the front of the air filter there's a "winter/summer" switch. I switched it to "winter" and now the Engine warms up faster (2-3 mins)

meant to post a "don't forget to switch the air filter switch" message, but guess this is good enough. Most people I would assume remember...

Crank starting takes 3-4 seconds instead of 5-6. Agree with the "make it rich" when starting...

same problem on our 73 when we bought it earlier this year. had to bend the choke rods on both carbs more and it starts on first try on 40 degree mornings now.

they bend very easily with needle nose pliers. even though my choke was pulled, it wasnt hitting the tang soon enough on each carb. i bent the rod so as soon as the choke moved it contacted the tang.
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