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Clutch will not disengage. Any ideas?

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I parked my 1973 240z under a friends shed 3 or 4 years ago. It shifted fine when I parked it. Has not been moved or run untill yesterday. Cranked up fine but clutch did not work. Bled clutch system after flushing with new fluid. When pedal is pressed I can see the lever move at the bell housing. When engine is off, I can shift transmission into all gears. When engine is running it will not try to grind into any gear. Like it is locked out. Could the clutch be rusted to the flywheel? If so, any tricks to break free? Any ideas would be very appreciated. David
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Well you should be able to shift with engine not running.

"When engine is running it will not try to grind into any gear. Like it is locked out." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

If somehow the disc is stuck to the flywheel, perhaps you can get a look at the inspection plate to verify the Pres Plate is releasing. If so, perhaps a long rod and hammer might tap it loose.

Finally, put in 1st gear...start the car..it will buck and go...then shift gears without the clutch. Match the eng speed to the tranny speed. At least you can get it home.
Yes, It will shift with engine not running. It will not shift with engine running. I was going to crank in gear and drive it shifting by RPM without the clutch operating. Hoping it might knock the clutch free.
No one messed with the mechanical linkage did they?
Likely clutch is rusted to flywheel.

I read an article about this not too long ago.
The author got the clutch loose again by jacking up the car, starting it in 4th gear,
running it up to about 3 or 4 grand and then dropping the car
onto pavement. Obviously there was a driver in the car ready to hit the brakes or turn off the ignition
if things went bad. I personally wouldn't recommend this procedure without some serious safeguards in place.
Also, the shock to the driveline could cause some carnage.
I had a motorbike with a stuck clutch .
I started in gear then drove around , rev matching gear changes with the clutch held in. After a few minutes it broke free.
My 73 did the same thing. Sat a long time. Would NOT go into gear with the engine running, after all you did. Adjusted the rod under the dash & got some more movement, enough to last 3 blocks, then the master blew out, fluid inside the cabin. You might consider new / rebuilt master & slave, both should be replaced together.

Bonzi Lon
Thanks for the responses. I am going to work on it again today.
It's actually very common for the disc to stick to the flywheel if a car is parked for a long time. Breaking it loose is easy....start it in neutral and get it warmed up. Then shut it off, and get it aimed somewhere that you won't hit anything. Put it in first gear and start it up. It will buck and kick but just floor it WHILE you hold the clutch pedal in. Accelerate hard, then brake hard, repeat until it breaks loose, all the while holding the clutch pedal in. Once it breaks loose everything will be fine.
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