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Just purchased a 93 TT. Currently it has the dual pop intake with SEILIN MAF. Blitz boost controller and power meter ID?

Shipping from TX. But before shipped will be having:
Downpipes, hi flow cat, cat-back exhaust, intercoolers, upgraded oil coolers.

61k miles. Recent 60k maint. and new fuel injectors.

I will be having the clutch replaced before havinh it shipped. There are no current issues with the clutch but it is 27 years old and with these new mods I should do it before it wears out.
Also Austin Z clinic is right there.

Can anyone suggest a clutch. In the past on my 90 TT I had a stage 3 clutchmasters clutch I think. and I have been happy with it.

So I'm looking @ JWT, SZP / RPS Max Street or a clutch Masters.

*** I do NOT plan to do any racing, auto-x, 1/4 miles etc... This is a spring/summer car that will be driven likely less then 3,000 miles a year.
It will be driven with respect with the "occasional" ..... uhmm.... shall we say pedal to the floor.

I'm looking fo something that is easy and forgiving to work with. I don't want a challenge with my tranny when driving. I don't want grinding or funny sounds.

Im just looking for something that is easy to drive on the street. Comfortable on the foot. And can hold a little more power once I add an ECU.

Thank you

**** Yes I have done many and many and many searches. But most of the results are out dated.
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