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"Cliford" performance products?

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I just found that I can get products from this company though work. I have one good opinion of them that I trust. What does every one else have to say. They offer tripple weber setups, intakes for 4 barrels, headers, etc.

I have there '00 catalog and was just curious about there quality.

If they are indeed good products I offer them on my web site.


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i would say they are very good, they have been around for along time.
I have clifford headers. Probably some of the stongest headers built.

Their motto.
They moved from their offices in Corona a few years ago, somewhere near, but not next to my favorite hardware store...

Were I to get a Chevy II with an inline six, they would be the first stomp on the way back home for that 250CID Weber Manifold...
every product that I have ever seen of theirs was great quality plus the have been doing inline 6 stuff forever
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