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Classified Ad Rules - Read before posting! *** ALL ADS MUST INCLUDE: Year, Model, Engine, Trans, Color, Mileage, Price, YOUR Name, LOCATION, Phone, & Email.


1. All ads must have an asking price. (example: $50 obo/firm)

2. No group purchases. Our ads are intended for personal use only (person-to-person).

3. Do not place more than one ad for each item or vehicle. If you do not sell your item, you can place a new ad after 14 days.

4. No bidding! You can make an offer only.

5. Do not place ads for items you do not personally own.

6. Do not compose your ads (subject or body) in ALL CAPS or with other characters intended to ***draw attention***

7. Do not refer to ads placed on other sites, such as eBay or Craigslist. Please place all useful information about your item in this ad.

Best practices:

-Ads expire after 14 days

-If you sell your item before your ad expires, be sure to edit your ad and include the word SOLD in your subject line.

-Are ads are searchable by subject and message body, so accuracy of keywords important. Be as specific as possible and be sure to include part or model numbers when you can, and double-check your spelling!

-Include the year and model of vehicle (or part) you are selling in the SUBJECT LINE of your ad.

-Include all relevant information at the top of your ad in a way that is easy for people to find what they need quickly. See example:

-Make sure your ZCAR.COM profile information is accurate.

-Whenever possilbe, try to include a picture of the car or part in your ad. Most people will ask for this anyway before purchasing.

-PREVIEW your ad, especially those with pictures, BEFORE SUBMITTING! Editing an ad is time limited, so make sure you get it right the first time.

-Determine the cost for shipping before making an offer, unless the seller included this in their ad.

-When purchasing a vehicle, ask the seller to provide a CARFAX report.

-Avoid ads that are "too good to be true." Please do not fall prey to the various scams that are tricking people all over the world.

-When posting, you can use this template as a guide for the message body:

Trans: (manual/auto)
Color: (int/ext)

Asking price: $000 (obo/firm)
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