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clariification of a ricer

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I have been hearing ricer for a while now and can't seem to get a handle on the term. I thought it meant a honda civic on steroids but after seeing the term in many post with different references, how about a clarification. Is this talking about a car or person.
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I have heard it referring to both cars and people. The ways I have heard it a person can be a ricer, a car can be rice or a ricer car. The term ricer-burner is also used. Be careful where you use the term, it is not quite "pc." When I usually hear it, it is not used in a racist or discriminatory manner, but its origins can be considered racist so keep that in mind if you are going to use it. I really don't care, and don't take offense, but others might.

This is a great website for slang definitions, again not "pc." http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ricer
I feel that "Rice" reffers to asian makes and model gas powered vehicles.. (Rice Rocket = asian import sports bike) <==Things like that

Ricer- can be used maliciously by people to refer to people who drive/ride asian vehicles..
or.. A Rice Racer.. But in this way i usually hear it associated with an over the top vehicle with decals and go fast parts that over take the vehicle.. changing the vehicle from what ever it was in to something completely different.. (Take that as you wish) But mainly i think the Fast and Furious series...
The number one characteristic to me is the farrrrt cans, then all the spoilers, fancy wheels, low profile tires, body kits, etc. Some go fast, some just make noise. American-car ricers (not a PC incorrect term here in the US?) with any of the above, over the top as Sidney 5101 says.
Back in the day (60's) we had a saying "if it isn't fast chrome it" .
For me ricer means adding a big ugly wing, really short and wide tires(ones that look like they should be on a gocart or wheel barrow), non functioning hood and fender scoops,or anything that makes a car look fast but really serves no performance function.Paint colors that don't belong together like pink with purple , green or yellow.Over the top custom paint jobs don't bother me at all but ones that look like a color blind 2 year old painted it with a paint roller held in his toes do.
Taking a nice car and adding a lot of useless junk to it is making a car a ricer.Adding anything that really adds to the performance of the car does not make it a ricer but stuff that is designed to make it look like it is functional but really isn't is making the car a ricer. Like the car with a fake turbo or blower.
Those big 4"chrome exhaust tips attached to a 2" stock exhaust pipe is making it a ricer to me too.Also the term "ricer" doesn't apply to any make of car.
A toyota,nissan,honda,chevy,ford,dodge,volkswagon,2 door, 4 door, station wagon,van, even a pickup can be a ricer.

That's my definition of a ricer.
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My defonition of ricer is any car with a fugly body kit and fart cannon exsust with owners who have the IQ lower then the domestic sea songe.

Typically quoting False and the Fulsiest and putting NOS soda in the back mounted like a trophy with stickers that add horsepower.

Ricers arn't on the street either, Pickup truck owners CAN be ricers also. Specifically the 16-20 year old with the lifted toyota "wheeler" with the fart cannon and Monster, Fox, Flowmaster, Cabelas, and stupid ******* quoteable sticker.

Now anyone thinks Honda,Toyota,Nissan, crappy GM THEY ARE RETARDED!!!

Camaro,Vette,Mustang,Skyline all riced out by rich kids parents trustfund.
went to high school with a real odd assortment of kids... you had the kids who have been building some classic muscle car with their dad since they were 12.. The "rich" kids that had BMWs and Mercedies that thier parents bought for them.. And the kids from NYC and such that would show up in their rice-mobiles as the muscle car kids would call them... And on top of all that you had the Lifted trucks.. Surprisingly enough For a slightly hick town there was quite a street racing community... But i must agree with the Fart cans..
The first "ricer" I ever saw was may years back, a late 40s black DeSoto with the obviously corroded chrome bumpers and headlight rims painted light purple. I still remember the intersection where it was passing by.
Your Highschool sounded like mine when I was in. We had 1 kid with a Duster that he and his dad and brother built that he rolled, 3 kids with grandma cars, a ricer and the rest where pickuptrucks and commuter cars.

We had 2 ricers both in my class, one was a girl, she just got her liscense and as a reward he parents shelled out $12K for a brand new Lexus or somthin like that. It was in Obnoxious Red with one of those wierd looking wings and a low low body kit, she totaled it a month later got 2 more new cars and totaled them and ended with a very nice pickup.
For me it is any crap import that someone fixes up to "look" or "sound" like it is fast. Like a lowered SOHC 1.6L Honda Civic with a stupid body kit and a park bench on the trunk and a fart can muffler you can hear from a mile away.
I dont consider the term racist at all. About as racist as pasta rocket.

I would note that some people like there car being called rice and its the look they are going for. Just about as much as a ******* goes for the ******* look.

Heck German cars now have the term of Kraut when talking about an overly modified car. They all have their terms.

I would like to know what the term is a US car with a rice body kit? Is that still rice?
Neons and such are usually considered rice if "riced out." I also don't consider the term racist, and don't use it in a racist manner, I was just cautioning that some people may consider it racist and to think about what company you use it in front of. I personally would love a rice-like term for american rice. Maybe a "frank and bean-mobile?"
Ricer is a car or person that maintains the stock crush bent 1 3/4 inch exhaust but clamps on a giant ceramic muffler with a tip the size of coffee can. Puts on a "cold air intake cone filter" inside the engine bay. Has 12+ stickers on the car explaining all of the parts that are on it. Like a Turbonetics or Garret Turbo sticker and not actually have a turbo from them but having a bolt set or silicone piece from said manufacturer. Rice can also be a wickedly low car with obscene body kits with 4+ fake cooling ducts. Obnoxious stereo "systems" are also rice. So loud that they vibrate your mirrors.

In Rochester we have a local speed shop called STM. They are very good at what they do, stock block engines with 600-800 hp and under 10sec 1/4 mile. As a joke they named one of their cars Ricer and it is the opposite of rice. http://www.streettunedmotorsports.com/z/ricer_09/stm_ricer_09.htm
Yeti, are you in ZCCR?
I am not in ZCCR yet because my ZX isn't ready. I went to the All Japanese ZCCR show last summer and it was amazing. I will probably join this year as things get wrapped up with ZX.
I would definitely recommend joining, ZCCR is a great organization. John, the president is a great guy, always willing to help out. My dad and I have gotten numerous parts from him, just a few weeks ago we got a 280zx gas tank and hood from him. It isn't just John though, all the members I have met are great. If you can try to make it to the year's big show in July. They have changed it from All Japanese to All Import, I think there are even gonna be a few Ferraris. One last perk of being a member is a 10% discount at MSA and other places as well. This has paid for my membership many times over.
any one ever see a riced caddiliac? I have, watched the owner get scoffed at.
A Different Spin on "Rice"

What I get when I enter the track to work SCCA is, "That's no rice burner". Everyone can hear I have a V8 under the hood by the woofing when I pull up to the gate.
IF you Evo has more sheet metal in it's spoiler than a 747, you MAY be a ricer. Norm K.
Personally I don't consider most Evos or WRX STIs to be rice. Granted they can be rice, but for the most part they expensive enough to be purchased by people who appreciate them as real performance vehicles. But then again there are a lot of people out there with more money than taste.
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