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Cigerette plug

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What would cause it to not work. Does it have a fuse (and where) or do the wires go bad underneath. Anybody else have this problem. I needed it for the new GPS. Thanks
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Fuses are located to the left side of the clutch pedal - likely the issue. Sometimes change can fall into the lighter socket shorting it out....
If you don't find a blown fuse I suggest you verify voltage (or lack of) at the plug with a volt meter.
I had an issue with it not putting out enough voltage.. I cleaned the Sucker out (just a little bit) and now My GPS gets enough power..
The key has to be on for it to work?
Thanks for the replies. I turned on the car and no power to GPS. I found the fusebox but still need to know which row, car manual useless. I also cleaned the connectors but no luck. I am in search of the fuse!
Here is a pic of the drivers side kick panel fuses:

Thanks for the helpful fuse diagram. Google sent me to junk sites and the z fuse manual was to small to read. I found the 20 amp fuse and it was cooked. It works now. all I have to do now is try to delete the spanish/french on the tomtom so I can update. Me and my z are happy again.
I made my tomtom gps car a nissan300zx on the screen and the closing screen is a red TT if anybody is interested. You can also download different voices like Homer Simpson. Pretty interesting.
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