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Chicago Z mechanic?

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I recentlly purchased a 78 Z with 15,500 miles on it. The original owner has always had the maint. performed at the dealership where she purchased the vehicle. I've spoken to the dealership and they are very aware of the car. However they told me that this is the only Z that they have had in the shop for years! I'm wondering if they are still as knowledgeable as a Z mechanic would be. Ant suggestions?
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Is this is the blue one that roams downtown on the North Side (Lincoln Park, Lakeview)? If so, nice find. I heard the same thing about the maintenace on this car from the guys at Loeber Motors IIRC.

Best bang for your maintenance buck is Z Car Service Center in Des Plaines. Guy's name is Tom and he's been working Datsun's for over 30 years now. Costs are very reasonable, he uses Nissan parts, he rebuilds some stuff (not everything but had my tranny done there) and most importantly he stands by his work.

Z Car Service Center
1844 Miner Street
Des Plaines, IL
(847) 298-1110

P.S. stay away from Ultimate Z in the 'burbs (just my 2 cents on that one)
james, you might be thinking of mine... well it was blue and im always in lincoln park/lakeview area... but i've been working on it now for a year.. so if you saw it with in the last year then it wasnt me... ohh and come to think of it i remember seeing a first gen parked on diversy and halsted.. maybe thats the one you are thinking of.. especially since mine is a 240.. where in chicago are you at?? i live in rogers park.. but spend a lot of time in lakeview(brother and girlfriend live there) and go to a lot of the bars in lincoln park... later
No that wouldn't be this one. The previous owner only drove the car a couple of times a year-mostly on trips to western Illinios. Thanks for the information on Z Car Service Center. I have not had to chance to talk to them as of yet, but will try again next week.

Again thanks for the info.
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