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Checking in

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So been WAY busy at work..... so not much has happened on the Z, well the kid's driving it more than me!

Which means I think I'm going to let go of the White N/A ( since that just sits ).....
But something out there was... calling...

Not a old Z nor a new one....


OH GOD! The comphy chair!

( hey this should be fun! )

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Looks like it ought to be quiet if that's a wall of sound shield behind the engine.
I was thinking wow what a nice car. Until the front damage pictures..

Starting a new project mike?
Yup I am....

My coworker was looking for a newer car, My GF has a G35 sedan which has been perfect for the last 50K.. So I touted my co worker into an 04 coupe stick....
he LOVED it.. so I took a ride.. all the cush of a mercedes, all the grunt & handling of a Z and lots of electronic do da's...

So not to be outdone He spent 13.5... I think I'll be into this for 8-9 when all is said & done.....

I wanted another puzzle.....

The latest

Yea I know it's not Z related ( but it's close )


the G is a nice nice ride. Last time I went to Zdayz, there were several there I was drolling over. The one guy was putting down like 600HP, and trying to run with him on those curvy roads made me look like a beginner. Nice choice.
Trying to make 600 without new rods is a bit trickey..... right now 100% stock... THEN maybe a supercharger!

More pix of progress... slow N steady

looks like a nice ride, but she will cut deep into your wallet man =/
Cut.... that " suggests " something smallish that can be fixed with a band aid...this is more like Texas Chain saw massacre...


BUT the good news is she will be all done than for less than the Z was ( oh yeah that was way over the top too! ) ..
Oh and the Eldest son has stolen that....

So now I have the Infiniti ( to look foward too.. ) and the Insight as my daily driver...

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The morning shot O progress......
Looking good, I will drop mine off for you Monday ;)
Look at the above links....


looking good!

may I ask what the grand total was? =P
Er um WELL ( cough ) right now as you see it... WHEEZE... 16.5K
( plus another 2.5k in the garage of air bags, stereo, hoses, pass side interior door panel )

It wasn't CHEAP and I blew through the guesstimate by about 2X.. and I did make some bad buys ( paid retail on some suspension parts YIKES!)

And I still can't drive it ( legally ) on the road.. I need Lights, brake, smog & vin inspection

ouch =/
Well I'm legal for 30 days~

So I get all my inspections done, get plates & stickers... then the phone call from DMV.

If you get an outta state salvage you must submit to the UBER inspection from a REAL CHP officer...
Not the Auxillary DMV inspector ( or CHP LITE dude ). He's only good for IN state transfers / inspections.
I have to produce receipts for EVERY part I have on the car ( not a problem ).. I guess they want to make sure I'm not a chop shop... fair enough.
ALL safety equipment must be 100% ( still working on the SRS Air bag / seat belt systems ).
AND If you get USED air bags you must produce the VIN number from the car it came off of ( ... Hmmmmmm I have E mails out to the people I bought it from... )

I have to remove the tint from the Side windows ( BOOO-HISSSS ).

And I have till Nov to get this all done.....the inspection takes like 4+ hrs.... What a pain in the tail pipe!

Oh yeah not to mention I have a cracked vapor return line in the fuel tank area so I smell gas from time to time.. $ 700.00 to drop the tank and replace 45 bucks of hoses~!

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