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Not a bad idea, but will cost you more in the long run than just having a motor built. The L28/P79 combo isn't that hard to find (I've got one lying around), and you can rebuild it fairly cheaply assuming you haven't thrown rods or anything. Why waste the money that you've paid Motorsport to rebuild that head, when you're about to machine it and disassemble it anyway?

This is my plan, of which I'm part way through -

Find a L28/P79 combo, preferrably running condition.

Remove head, take to machine shop, have it milled and valve job done. Have them do any porting you want while they're in there. Make sure and take the appropriate 280Z valves with you.

Rebuild block (replace seals, bearings, rings).

Reinstall head with cam of your choice, appropriately shimming up cam towers.

Install assembly.

This won't cost $2k. Be prepared, however, to spend a lot of elbow grease to get all this done, and you're still looking at $1000-$1500 depending on where you source your parts and labor.

- Dave

> Just like everyone else Ive been looking
> into a nice frssh motor with good power. I
> went through all the info from Z garage on
> P79 head modification etc. How about the
> idea of getting a 1982 rebuilt engine from
> Motorsport(3 yr warrantee)with factory flat
> top pistons and a P79 head then taking the
> heads which are nice and fresh, bringing it
> to a machine shop to have the heads shaved
> and shim the cam towers and throw in a nice
> stage 2 Crane cam. The engine is $1599 from
> motorsport and the head work shouldnt be
> more that a couple hundred bucks (+ the cam.
> For less than $2000 you have a nice high
> compression motor that should give about 200
> real HP and last a long time. I know this
> has been thought of before but no one has
> ever expressed this idea. What do you Z guys
> think?
> Charlie
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