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On a ‘71 240Z, the voltage regulator has a white battery sense wire that is spliced into the main power wire from the starter. If this wire gets disconnected, the regulator won’t know that the alternator is putting out and will go full field, max output until it burns out the diodes in your alternator or boils your battery.
That white battery sense wire is spliced to the heavy power wire in the harness by that body ground connection near the starter. The splice is under some green tape in the harness.
Mine became disconnected and I don’t see how it was attached in the first place. There was no crimp connector. If the 18 gauge wire was soldered to the 10 gauge wire, the solder had disintegrated.
Being directly below the battery, acid may have gotten into the harness and dissolved the connection. The wire had light green powder on it but didn’t look that bad. Even after 50 years, you wouldn’t think a crimp connector would completely dissolve.
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