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The carpet in a friend of mine zx is a little "dirty", well lets say real dirty, If we pull it out , how would you clean it, Were also going to dye it, but we need to get it clean first, large washing machine. Hose, and scrub brush and plenty of soap, then let dry. Ideas, any one every done this.
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car wash pressure washer or a regular carpet cleaner.........
Re: "The Big Clean"

"They will take more soap than you imagine they would!" Norm K.
"car wash pressure washer or a regular carpet cleaner........."

A carpet cleaner, seems good, but I think the carpet is "formed", in the
front area. Guess we will take out and go after it with soap and hand
held brushs, then finsh off hitting it with my pressure washer, maybe
pressure wash first then brushs, then pressure wash,

Is it in 2 pieces or just one big piece, in the front area, thats basically all
the carpet in the car, back area is after market.

I would almost rather change trannys then do this.

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If you can, take the fiber carpet jute off the back. It'll make it a lot easier to clean as it wont soak up all the water/dirt/soap (just the carpet is thin and you can preasure wash all the dirt out of it easily). Replace it with a newer foam kind that wont soak up water and hold it for months on end like the old kind.

Good luck,

I used liquid antibacterial soap and a water hose, but mine didn't hold up and it fell apart. It was rotted anyway on the driver side from soaking in water. Patti
just make a new rug thats what me and my dad did.
check it out on my cardomain
FairladyZX.....that did come out nice, also like those seats, now we will pull out and if they look to bad , or dont clean up worth a s%*t, then we
will go with some build it your self carpet, Thanks

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