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Re: carbs, Long one...

> If it's your main transport go with dual
> Weber's, if it's a weekend car go with
> tripple's, I'm using both on a 71 and a 76
> (tripple Mikuni 44's) and find the gas
> mileage sucks with the tripples but can't
> say enough about the performance of them.
> The dual webers are great carbs that have
> quite a bit of power when using all 4bbl's
> and great gas mileage when doing general
> driving around plus they just run great for
> a carb setup. I don't care for the SU's
> personally, the oil damp's the responce of
> them and the performance is just so so and
> doesn't hold much against the weber dual's.
> Just make sure you hook up the manifold
> properly, I see a few that the people don't
> run the water throught he manifolds and it
> really hurts drivablility of them, if you
> want cool air/gas to run through them hook
> up ram air but don't run with cool manifolds
> or the gas just puddles and it run's crappy.
> I've ran into this and the owners did a
> bunch of complaining about how much better
> it was with the SU's but they didn't think
> the Mod. through. I recomend getting a tool
> called a Manometer to sync the carbs also,
> It is so much better and more reliable then
> the airflow uni-sync. gauge (it's around
> 60-70.00 at a local motorcycle shop) but
> it's worth it for multicarb setups and a
> must for tripples. You can sync the carbs
> with the aircleaners on which gives a better
> sync as the aircleaners do change airflow
> and it's how you drive em so why not sync em
> this way.
> I've had Z's with most all the carb mod's
> except the tripple SU's but I won't try that
> one, used the 4bbl setup (sucked big time),
> stock SU's, Tripple Mikuni's and have found
> the dual weber's to be the best all around
> carb for the Z (IF DONE RIGHT)!!! It likes a
> good header (I don't like the Motorsport 6-2
> header, prefer their 6-1 more but Nissan's
> Header is best) and a .460-.470 lift 260-270
> duration cam. With this setup you'll find a
> lot better power and better gas mileage than
> stock could ever do (as long as you keep
> your foot out of it, it has a pretty steep
> change when that happens a lot).

Just one caution on the dual Webers, they manifold design basically sucks, it allows the fuel to separate from the mixture, causing buildup in the bottom of the manifold, and potentially causing a fire (not to mention leaning out the mixture and killing performance. I used to hate SU's too, but once ya get em set up right, they're pretty trouble free aside from needing a cleaning every 6 months or so (or whenever it's convenient for you procrastinatory types like myself) Also the SU's are decent for performance unless it's pretty extreme.
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