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Carborated 79 280Z

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Can I take out the fuel injection on a 79 280 ZX and install 2 carbs or a single carb! Sick of fuel injection I am too much of an old timer!! Any Suggestions?


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Yes you can. But to go from FI to carbs is definately a leap backward. If your system is trashed or not repairable is one thing to simply chenge it...

There have been many discussions on the subject and you can find them by using the search function.

Good luck in your decision.
I have recently thought of doing the same thing because of nagging problems and annoyances (crappy warm idle, and a stealthy miss) on a car I just want to start up and drive. Carbs would require minor tuning for the weather now and then, but sound better, have a cleaner/more classic look, and are infinately easier to diagnose. You (or I) could probably sell our EFI components for enough to buy the carbs and intakes.
Go with a pair of SU's off an early 240 with the "round top" type carbs. It's the best setup for these engines for most people. I'm not a fan of the single 4bbl setups. Either one will bolt onto the EFI head and you just have to work out a way to lower the fuel pressure to a level the carbs can deal with.

The SU's are easier and cheaper to work on than the 280EFI and you will also see a nice performance gain. Also supports engine mods the stock EFI can't deal with. The EFI intake manifold is a major restriction and it's -NOT- a leap backwards in my book to ditch the stock EFI for SU's. Maybe for a daily driver who isn't concerned about performance the stock EFI is better? If the stock EFI intake was designed better maybe the carbs wouldn't be a step up in performance, but they are.
However,the SU's are not just bolt up:most people that use the SU's on an L28 end up changing the needles, the needles in the SU's do not provide enough fuel for the larger engine. Also there is the choke linkage.
Oh you wanted to really do the conversion? **** why didn't you say so. No one here actually does it most just talk a mean game. Bragging about what they could do, and point to others that have done it. Strange group on this site. Funny some are supposed to be older act like hs punkers.
i run a 4bbl on my 79 works great
7.6 1/8 mile w/nitrous
7.6 1/8? That is one heavily modified 2.8. You are the fastest N/A I have heard of.
OK. I HAVE done the conversion. Round top S.U.s will bolt right on, and run just fine without ANY modifications. To be specific, I installed a L28 from a 1978 280Z into my 1971 240Z. I bolted on my stock S.U.'s, and guess what? They worked just fine, only minor adjustments neccesary. Good enough for you, 1sweet 280z? --------Bob.
I've installed -dozens- of round tops setups on L28's and they work fine without changing anything. Yes they have to be adjusted on the rich side at idle to run right at WOT, but not enough where it's ever been a problem.
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