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> hey z friends
> I have a problem and I figured that someone
> could help me out. I just replaced the
> transmission in my 83 280ZX 5 speed. I put a
> 4 speed in because it was really cheap(20
> dollars) and in great condition. I'm really
> not very good at working on cars so I was
> happy when I finally got the transmission
> bolted back up. Well when I tried to start
> the car up to test out my handy work the car
> would not start. I can hear the fuel pump
> turn on so I don't believe that is it. I
> also tested the starter and it is ok. I
> don't understand this because before I
> pulled the old tranny the car would start up
> within 2 seconds even after sitting outside
> in 0 degree weather for 2 weeks. I really
> need to get this thing back on the road so
> any help would be greatly appreciated. sorry
> for the long post.

> thanx

> cole

Check and make sure that the plugs are firing first. This may isolate it a bit. You may have knocked off a wire or something. Trying to retrace you steps may help too. I know this isn't much help, but it may get you started.

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