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> Well, I'm back again and on the verge of
> losing what little mind I have left.
> My 83 280 z non turbo will still not start.
> I've replaced the distributer cap and rotor.
> I get good spark at the coil. I get spark at
> the plugs. I've got gas at the injectors. I
> get a pulse at the injectors. I don't know
> where to go from here. The plugs, after
> cranking, appear wet with gas. The only
> thing I've done to this car before it
> decided to quit on me, is replace the oil
> sending unit and the slave cinlider (sp ?)
> on the clutch. The starter rotates the engin
> and on occasion one cylender (sp ?) will
> fire. Timing has not been changed. I found,
> of all things, a tiny ball bearing in the
> ditributor wedged between the distributer
> plate and the distributor housing. That has
> been the only thing out of the ordinary.
> Please, can someone help me before I light a
> match and drop it on top of the engin.

in your distributor
maby it could be the reluctor air gap or the phase is so far out, your out of time
could the ball bearing have caused the adjuster plate (in dist.) to move and change timing
did you mess with the oil pump that can screw up timing(whoa did i find out!

good luck
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Not open for further replies.