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can't find the electrical short!?!?!

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Ok so here is the deal, I have power to my fuel pump, head lights, backup lights, but no turn signals. my fasten seatbelt light comes on when I start the car, and my blower for the ac/heater works. I am not getting a charging reading on my dash in fact it reads nothing, and my dash lights do not work. Any thoughts, (and yes I did check the fuse box first) :)
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you don't have a short you have an open. a short is when the wire goes to ground and smokes the fuse or the wire. an open is when you don't get power. get a vom and the schematic out of the fsm and start looking.
Sounds like another fusible link issue to me.
As RogerZ pointed out, you have an open circuit (or maybe more than one). SpeedNick suggestion is a starting point. Check your fusible links. There are four of them, two black and two red. If you need replacements, you can get them from Courtesy Nissan (link below). Also, download a copy of the FSM so you can see the factory wiring diagrams. You can find a copy at XenonS30 (link below).
The problems you describe are on different circuits. After you get a copy of the FSM, make sure you have a good multimeter handy to perform real diagnostics.
1. Fuses should be checked out of the fusebox and by measuring resistance. A good fuse will have less than 1 ohm resistance.
2. Check the connector between the dash harness and the headlight switch. The parking light circuit can run hot and damage that connection. For that matter, check all of the connections under the dash. Something might have been kicked loose.
Let us know what you find out.
Try wiggling the hazard switch around a bit. The power for the turn signals goes through the hazard switch, which has a tendency to crud up over time. Also check the flasher up under the drivers side of the dash. While you're under there, check out that groovy dimmer for the dash lights...
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