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Cani use a liquid gasket on turbo oil lines?

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Just wondering if i can use some kind of liquid gasket on the turbo oil feed and return lines instead of a paper(or whatever stock is) one. I dont know too much about sealants and was wondering if anyone could recommend something for me to use.

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Grey RTV...its in a grey squeeze tube...its good for oil pan gaskets, so i would think its good there too...
thanks man, how does it hold up to high temps?
well the oil pan gets pretty hot, so id imagine that it would do pretty good....let me go read the tube and ill get back to you...
ok its called ultra grey RTV by permatex...it doesnt say the temps, but it says safe on everything execept for headgaskets and gasoloine contacts...
Then don't use it for high temps and oily applications (like oil pans on a turbo) since it will sluff off and move through the engine. RTV is a no-no when rebulding an engine.
A turbo gets red hot (it can) so I would go to Autozone or some other place and buy copper washers...do it right,do it once...
I think the Permatix Copper is for higher temps but I would not use it for fear of it gooping into the line and clogging an oil orfice
thats why you let it dry so it doesnt gloop....
Get the stock stuff and it will last 30 years. Cheat with RTV and who knows what it will look like after a few years of hot oil...
Ya, im gonna buy the gasket set. Permatex Copper RTV is only rated to 700F
I've used the copper sealant on head gaskets before where shims had to be used. Any type of sealer used in this are could potentaily break free and cause problems with the oil system. Using the gasket is probably the best way to go.
I never use RTV on oil pumps or oil lines/filter adapters. Elsewhere it's fine. Just look at how the OEM's do modern engines, they use RTV on almost everything except oil pumps and oil line blocks etc.
What do you do for your oil componants then?

I have Permitex black.... any good news about that product o_O
Using ANY kind of RTV in an oiling system is a no no for the reasons already stated. Banjo fittings with copper gaskets and teflon tape are proper sealant materials. Would you use RTV to seal junctions in your brake system? I hope not.
Re:"ULTRA GREY" High 'n Dry!

You're so right Bubble! I even used Ultra Grey on a car that HAS NO OIL PAN GASKET but requires a fancy DEALER ONLY special adhesive that cost $32! I just reinspected it a year and it's still HIGH AND DRY! Norm K.
im always right ;-)

its thanks to steves and my friend with a 240SX that i used this ultra grey RTV on my oil pan, and so far, no leaks...its awesome! and smells good too. hey hybrid, becuase you are god and you KNOW it is going to break off and get sucked up in my oil system and screw my engine, i will call you the day it does that and apologize to you for me not agreeing with the master. untill then, lots of people use it, CAR MANFUACTURES use it, so i will use it.
(warning teenager comment coming)

why dont you , hybrid, try sealing you oil pan with your anal lube you use all the time?


ahh that felt good.
No leaks so far? wow, so you finised your car and are driving it?
nah, but it does have oil in it and hasnt leaked for 2 1/2 days...the other gakset leaked after 24 hours.
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