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here is some

i have my SU setup online

my fresh air for the SU's
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001964577.jpg>
picture of linkage and such
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001964507.jpg>
rear carb
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001964434.jpg>
clean enough for ya?!?!? :)
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001964370.jpg>
over looking setup
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001964298.jpg>
overview of setup rear
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001881825.jpg>
fuel pressure guage
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001881633.jpg>
fuel filter
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001881552.jpg>
adjustable fuel pressure regulator
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001881484.jpg>
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001881415.jpg>
fuel pump
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001881320.jpg>
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/bumblezee_1001881231.jpg>
distant shots
<img src=http://www.zdriver.com/rides/spec/pix/tn_bumblezee_985323398.jpg>

here is the link to all of them and more!!
this setup and engine will be for sale in about a month or so... going TURBO!!

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Cold air is Over rated

No fresh air setup here, I personally dont believe its worth the money, might even cause a restriction on the carbs, kinda like if you suck through a real long straw, you have to suck harder to get your drink.

BTW, here is a 4bbl pic and a SU pic, you be the juge on what looks better.



This is how my SUs looked when I first got them in the mail

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Re: Ooops. SU pics

oh ok... good ;)... and i have found out that SU's dont like extremely cold air...

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<img src=http://www.geocities.com/enchantedspatula/airfilterr.JPG>

Just normal stock stuff.
I like it.
Thought have passed my mind about going to the bone yard and get 2 turbo filters and have them weld them nice and pretty to make a stock looking deep double stack filter set-up. Four inputs and would still have that Madeline look.
I can always change it back. Any ideas?

Madeline Michele
Hollywood, Fl
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