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Can I drive around with Sea Foam...

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...in my oil? I drove aroung for a couple of hours with a half of a 16 oz can of Sea Foam in my oil last week! I had about 8 gallons in the tank. Then I changed my oil. Did I do a "GOOD THINK" or should I be in prison? My poor car is over ..well it's a '78Z. Thanks in advance! Norm K.
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yes you can. You're fine.
WHEW! I thought I may have killed my child. Norm.
Try putting 1/3 - 1/2 can into the brake booster vacuum line and let it sit overnight. In the morning you will think it had to have blown up!

I have done it to a few cars and ALWAYS is scary how bad it sounds and all the smoke for 10 15 minutes then the car will purr.

I did a compression check before and after and on one motor it was amazing the improvement it made.
It will loosen a lot of sludge that may clog your oil filter.

An oil change after a a "spirited high rpm run" is recommeneded when you put it in oil.

I would recommend chaning the oil or at least changing the oil filter
Yeah, the stuff makes a marked difference in performance, I'm convinced. I think they say if you put it in the oil, you should change it shortly thereafter.
Probably a few hundred miles or so.

I put it in my vacuum line of my Z and let it sit about an hour. After I finished "fogging the mosquitos", it ran much better. I was so impressed, I put it in my truck. My check engine light ended up going out on my truck, after I was told the converter was going to be replaced(supposed origin of the light). I had heard it would help cleanse a converter.Figured I had little to lose anyway.
Can anyone tell me what sea foam is,i thought it came from the ocean i've never heard of it before. thanks guys or gals.
Seafoam is a marine motor solvent that removes carbon from intake, valves, oil passages and cleans injectors.

Many ways to use it:

Pour it in your gasoline (petrol for you ;)

Let a vacuum line suck it in manifold at idle

pour it in cylinders through plug holes and let it soak

pour it in oil filler hole

search the archives oops I mean:

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Thanks Blue, sounds like a great product. And by the way it's gasoline i am not a bloody BRIT.
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Gas for Gasoline

Petrol fo Petroleum Distillate

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I agree......Seafoam works! You can only tell a difference if your engine really needs cleaning & mine did. I noticed the difference immediately. My take off was a little quicker. My engine sounded quieter & smoother at idle. I put it in all 3 places. The tank, oil & brake booster......
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