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Cam Gear Bolt - Tell me it's not reverse threaded and just @#[email protected]#$ tight

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I'm replacing the timing chain on my 83 280zx and naturally the cam gear bolt is on really tight, OR is it reverse threaded for some reason? The impact wrench is having a hard time. The tightening torque is 98 to 102 lbs, I've got the wrench set at 150lbs and the bolt is not budging. No where in the fsm does it say it's reverse threaded.

Thanks in advance.

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It's just tight. I needed to use my 18" breaker bar (1/2" drive) and a 6 sided socket to get mine loose.
WHAT!! I think the number is forty ft/lbs, it is conventionally threaded, and an impact should barely grunt to remove it. If no impact, stick a bar through the holes in the gear to stabilize it to the head and whack with a hammer...F=MA!
It is not reverse threaded. It should be at ~100 ft-lbs like you read. My guess is that your impact simply isn't putting out the torque you think it is. Crank up the pressure and don't use an extension. They rob a lot of the hammer effect.
For whatever reason Crank pulley bolt & cam gear bolt are the same torque
Thanks everyone for the sanity check! I'll try the suggestions in the morning. Again, thanks!!! Whoever installed that at the factory 28 years ago must have been using the larger of the torque values! I was concerned for the bottom gear came off with no issues. Arubabill, that's right they are they same torque. Thanks again everyone, hopefully I can button her back up tomorrow.
I always used a 1/2" breaker bar that I then whacked a few times with a 2 lb sledge hammer to shock it loose. It always worked well with no damage.
Long cheater bar, few pieces of metal and several hard grunts later it's free! Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!
I brace my car with cement blocks while in gear to remove that sucker... And then I put it back the same way, I figure its that tight for a reason.
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