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All Z Clubs in the Snow Belt

I am expanding my idea of the Winter Z Car photo display to include group shots of Z Club members and their cars in a Winter Scene and other early Datsun cars and trucks as well. All clubs will get a generous PR reference to their club activities and website if they submit a shot of their cars and members in a big snow scene. One Z club from Europe has contacted me so far and I am waiting to see what they may send in.

All clubs out there that are in the snow belt are in a unique position to create a very memorable group shot that could be used in a newsletter or on your website later on. But you all have to be outrageous enough to seize the moment while it lasts. Winter storms are raging now, but they will be gone soon. Who's game enough to organize one of the most memorable Z Club events of the year by going out and taking the BIG group snow scene shot? Yes, that's a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've thrown down the fleece lined glove.

Maybe you could hold a BBQ or pancake breakfast at the same time? You'll never forget the day if you do?
If you need photographic advice or creative ideas for the shot just ask. I am overloaded with ideas.
Individual members could also take separate shots of their cars at the same time? Just make sure there is a lot of Winter in the shot and that you have a knowledgeable photographer taking the shots. You won't want to try a retake. Ask Tom Bell. He knows all about what it is like.

The traffic to my new Winter Z Car Photo Display has been quite heavy this past week and several more submissions have come in recently. My special thanks to Tom Bell of the list for his -5 degree effort at photographing his great looking Black 300ZX TT with the new, fancy snow tires on it. It will be up hopefully by Sunday.

If you guys haven't seen the dramatic Winter Z in the Lake effect of Bob Stephens or the display yet here are the relative URL's

<A HREF=http://www.jps.net/zparts/showcase/wzp99_preview1.htm>http://www.jps.net/zparts/showcase/wzp99_preview1.htm</A>

All are invited, but please check with me before sending in a digital image via e-mail. There are some pitfalls you should know about and I have a general scanning and digital prep guideline written up to help you send in your best image. Let me know and I'll send it out to whoever wants it.

Thanks for bearing with me on this pet project. There won't be many more reminders because winter will be gone soon.

All my best to the Clubs out there.

Eric of Z PARTS
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