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Stay away from this company/website. Just want to make others aware of Allen the llc owner.

I ordered an rebuilt E12-80 distributer from Allen. Paid for rushed shipping and what a waste of my time and money. Ordered over the phone directly from Allen.

I did not get a receipt via email or in the box when received.

When received it looked rebuilt no complaints on the shape of it but the reluctor and stator had to be slightly adjusted because it was noticeable off.

Installed it on my 1975 Datsun 280z manual FI and had no spark and after troubleshooting, with Allen’s reputation I figured I need to make sure I’m working with a 100% good part before I spend more time on it.

originally my distributer shaft locked up after having a machine shop rebuild it because I had worn bearings so I’m 99% sure I just need a good distributer unless further damage was done when it locked up.

Anyways back to California Datsun. I called and emailed Allen where he told me that 99% of the time customers wire the distributer wrong and fry the module but that he would waive the restocking fee.(I have 5 years of professional mechanic experience and did not mess up the two wires it needed to run). He also ignored my second call, I used a different phone to call him a second time.

I sent it back and a week later I receive an email that he’s refunding me $360 which seems like he charged me the 10% restocking fee since the part was $400. But his refund didn’t even include taxes, I paid $474 and $40 was overnight shipping.

What a waste of time, I’ll know next week when my distributer comes back from rock auto rebuilt if the dizzy was stopping my car from running but either way California Datsun is bad business. Also I’m confident I’ll get my full refund because USAA(my credit card company) is good with these situations.

Sorry for the long post but I hope this helps anyone from a hassle like mine.
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