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buying u-joints

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Dear Z friends,I have read some post about the spicer u-joint but what is a good alternative brand other than the spicer because I would like to get the part quickly but go ahead and tell me where I can get spicer just in case I change my mind.How much does the half shaft u- joints cost and what is the alternative way to fix a drive shaft on a 280z.Let me know what stores carry desent u-joints.THANKS,ROBERT
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whats an alternate way to fix a driveshaft? buy a new one....

MSA sells the ujoints and driveshafts...

i think joints are $17 a piece

and drive shaft is alluminum at $700???? i forget the number...

ive got to go take mine to get balanced and cleaned...sucky thing about the 2+2 driveshaft is that you cant change ujoints!!! bet you didnt know that unless you have a 2+2!!
It's not just a 2+2, you "can't" change the u-joints on any Z driveshaft after the 240 (maybe 260 as well?).

I've been repairing these by reaming the OE driveshaft U-joint bores with an adjustable king pin reamer to accept a "standard size" replacement u-joint, carefully centering them and then tack welding them into the old shaft. I've done this to aprox 100 driveshafts (done 280z,300zx and RX-7's..) in the last 5 years and haven't seen any failures or vibration issues. I have seen lots of vibration problems from the local driveshaft shops welding new "replaceable joint" ends on them though so be careful about choosing someone to rebuild your driveshaft if you go that route.
hmmmm steves, how would that cost me ;-)
Call the boss! :)

If you're u-joints are OK, why bother.

And why are you going to get the driveshaft "cleaned and balanced"?
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